About me

Who is Jón Einar?
Jón Einar is a marketing and a design geek with a degree in Multimedia Design, Business and Communication.
my hobbies include music production, powerlifting, traveling and baking, even though I might be the worst baker in the Universe.
I am an outgoing person with a great social life, I have great friends and awesome family, If there is anything you want to know more about me do not hesitate to contact me


Here are some of the graphic design that I have been working on, logos, 3D modeling, typography and more.

Working title

This is the current project I'm working on with my friend, this is a cartoon tower defense game. the game will be available for iOS and Android, smartphones and tablets around christmas time.

Contact me

Mobile: (+354)772-7431

Email: Joneinar1991@gmail.com